Welcome to Titan, your go-to destination for finding solutions and fixes for games, apps/websites, and devices. We understand the frustration that arises when you encounter errors, bugs, or technical issues while using your favorite software or hardware. That’s why we’re here to help!

Fixrant was founded by Ahir, a dedicated and passionate computer science student pursuing a Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) degree. Mycle’s journey in the world of technology began when he started working as an error finder and solver, gaining invaluable experience over a period of two years.

Driven by his desire to make a positive impact and assist others in resolving their tech-related problems, Mycle decided to create Fixrant. He envisioned a platform that would provide comprehensive solutions and fixes for a wide range of gaming issues, app and website glitches, and device malfunctions.

Feel free to contact us at fixrant@gmail.com