Fixing Techtonica: Addressing the Issue You’re Facing

Fixing Techtonica Issue

Fixing Techtonica: Inability to Move on Lower Factory Floor

Techtonica is a thrilling first-person factory automation game set in the depths of an alien planet. Players are tasked with building factories, gathering resources, researching technologies, shaping the terrain, establishing bases, and unraveling the planet’s ancient secrets. However, a recent patch has caused an issue for players who have designed factories with two floors, particularly affecting the lower level. This article aims to provide a solution for this problem and help players get back to enjoying an uninterrupted gaming experience.

Understanding the Issue

The issue that players are facing involves the inability to move freely on the lower factory floor. Prior to the patch, players had no problems navigating through the lower level, but the recent update seems to have hindered their ability to do so. This can be immensely frustrating for players who have invested significant time and effort into carefully designing their factories and optimizing their processes. However, with the right approach, this issue can be resolved.

Analyzing the Patch Changes

In order to address the issue effectively, it is important to understand the changes made in the patch that may have caused the problem. Developers frequently release updates to enhance gameplay, fix bugs, or introduce new features. It is possible that the recent patch inadvertently introduced a bug that affects movement on the lower factory floor. By identifying the specific changes made in the patch, we can better diagnose the issue and find a suitable solution.

Reverting to a Previous Version

If the issue persists and negatively impacts your gameplay experience, one potential workaround is to revert to a previous version of the game. Many game platforms allow players to access and install older versions of a game, providing an opportunity to go back to a version where the movement on the lower factory floor was not problematic. This solution may require some technical knowledge and might not be supported by all gaming platforms, so proceed with caution.

Contacting the Techtonica Support Team

If reverting to an older version is not possible or desirable, getting in touch with Techtonica’s support team is the next best step. Game developers are usually keen to assist players experiencing issues and would appreciate any feedback that helps improve the overall gaming experience. By reaching out to the support team, you can report the issue, provide details about your factory layout, and explain how the recent patch has affected your ability to move on the lower floor. Including screenshots or videos showcasing the problem can further enhance their understanding of the issue.

Exploring Player Communities and Forums

Engaging with fellow players who are also experiencing the issue can be helpful in finding workarounds or temporary solutions until a patch or update is released. Exploring player communities and forums dedicated to Techtonica can provide valuable insights, as other users may have encountered similar issues and found ways to overcome them. Sharing your experience and concerns within the community could potentially lead to collaboration in finding a resolution.

Patience and Updates

Acknowledging the frustrations caused by this issue, it is important to remember that game development and bug fixing can take time. Developers often require sufficient feedback, bug reports, and testing to accurately diagnose and address the problem. Be patient and keep an eye on Techtonica’s website, social media channels, or official announcements for updates on the issue. It’s highly likely that the developers are already aware of the problem and are actively working on a fix.


Techtonica’s recent patch affecting movement on the lower factory floor can be a significant obstacle for players who have invested considerable effort into their factories. However, by understanding the issue, exploring potential workarounds such as reverting to a previous version or reaching out to the support team, and engaging with the player community, a solution can be found. Patience and regular communication with the developers will allow for a smoother gaming experience in the future. Remember, perseverance is key in this exciting world of alien factory automation!

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