Fixing Techtonica: Maybe That’s My Issue

Fixing Techtonica It: Understanding the Issues

Fixing Techtonica It: Understanding the Issues


Techtonica is an exciting factory automation game that takes players on a journey beneath the surface of an alien planet. However, like any game, there are sometimes issues that players encounter. In this article, we will address a couple of concerns brought up by the player @Honorable_D and explore potential solutions.

The Issue with Threshers and Close Proximity

One of the concerns raised by @Honorable_D is the inability to place threshers when orange and blue plant lines are stacked on top of each other. Despite having ample space between them, the game displays a yellow and black hash mark, preventing the placement. This limitation can be frustrating for players seeking to maximize their space efficiency.

Reasoning Behind the Restriction

The restriction on placing threshers in close proximity to stacked plant lines is likely intentional game design. It could be an attempt to encourage players to think strategically and avoid overcrowding of machinery. By preventing such placement, the game ensures that players have enough space to maneuver and maintain efficient production lines.

Alternative Solutions

While carving out walls to create more space is a valid solution, it can be time-consuming and disruptive. To address this issue, the game developers could consider implementing a system where players can build certain structures vertically, such as threshers, generators, and water wheels. This would allow players to stack their machinery without encountering placement restrictions.

The Limitation on Vertical Power Floor Blocks

Another concern raised by @Honorable_D is the inability to draw a vertical line of power floor blocks. This limitation presents a challenge for players who wish to create efficient power networks.

Possible Reasons for the Limitation

The restriction on drawing a vertical line of power floor blocks could be a deliberate choice by the game developers to introduce complexity and encourage players to think creatively about their power layouts. By requiring players to find alternative solutions, the game promotes exploration and experimentation, making the gameplay more engaging and rewarding.

Alternative Solutions

Although the inability to draw a vertical line of power floor blocks might be intentional, the game developers can consider incorporating underground power conduits that allow for vertical connections. This would give players more flexibility and allow for the creation of more efficient power networks while still maintaining the intended gameplay challenge.


Techtonica is a captivating factory automation game with a dynamic and immersive gameplay experience. While some players may encounter frustrations or limitations, it’s essential to understand the reasoning behind these design choices. By offering alternative solutions, such as vertical building options and underground power conduits, the game developers can enhance player satisfaction without compromising the core gameplay principles.

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