Fixing Techtonica: Merging/Splitting Issue Resolved by Increasing Belt Distance

Fixing Techtonica: Merging and Splitting Belt Issues


Techtonica is an incredible first-person factory automation game that takes place underground on an alien planet. The game offers players the opportunity to build factories, gather resources, research technologies, shape the terrain, and uncover the planet’s ancient secrets. However, some players have encountered a small bug regarding mergers and splitters, where a 90-degree belt would appear after reloading the game instead of the intended single belt. In this article, I will outline a simple fix to this issue, which involves adjusting the spacing between the mergers and splitters.

The Issue: Missing Resources

One common problem that players have experienced is the disappearance of items on the conveyor belt after loading a saved game. If you encounter this issue, don’t panic! It’s a known bug, and the developers are actively working on resolving it. If you have any files or additional information that might help the developers, be sure to reach out to them and provide the necessary details.

Fixing the Bug

To resolve the bug where mergers or splitters change to 90-degree belts after reloading the game, follow these steps:

  1. Identify the affected mergers or splitters that have only one belt between them.
  2. Move these mergers or splitters at least two belts apart from each other.

By creating this extra spacing, you prevent the game from misinterpreting the intended belt connections, resulting in the appearance of the correct single belt after reloading the game.


Techtonica offers players an immersive and exciting experience in the world of factory automation. While the game may have a few minor bugs, the developers are dedicated to addressing and resolving these issues to provide the best possible gameplay for the players. If you encounter the bug where mergers or splitters change to 90-degree belts, simply adjust the spacing between them, and you’ll be back on track to creating efficient and high-functioning factories in no time. Enjoy exploring the alien planet, discovering new technologies, and unearthing the long-forgotten secrets that lie beneath the surface!

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