Fixing Techtonica: Solving Technology Glitches

Fix Techtonica if you’re still having issues

Fix Techtonica if you’re still having issues


Techtonica is an exciting factory automation game that takes place on an alien planet. It allows players to work alone or in co-op to build factories, gather resources, research new technologies, mold the destructible terrain, establish a base of operations, and uncover long-forgotten secrets. However, sometimes players may encounter issues while playing the game. In this article, we will address one common issue where players are unable to repair a specific section in the game. We will provide possible solutions to help players overcome this problem.

Understanding the Issue

In the game, there is a section that requires repairing. This section is crucial for progress as it allows access to the elevator. One player encountered a problem where they dragged a Power Cable from their base to the section but still couldn’t repair it. This issue is preventing them from advancing in the game. Let’s explore some possible causes and solutions for this situation.

Possible Causes

There can be several reasons why the section is not getting repaired despite connecting a Power Cable. Here are some potential causes:

1. Insufficient power supply

It is possible that the power generated from the base is not enough to fully repair the section. Check if there are any additional power sources available or if you need to upgrade the power generation in your base.

2. Damaged Power Cable

The Power Cable itself might be damaged, preventing the flow of electricity to the section. Check if the cable is intact and not obstructed by any objects. Replace the cable if necessary.

3. Incorrect placement of the Power Cable

The Power Cable needs to be connected properly for it to transmit electricity. Ensure that both ends of the cable are attached securely to the base and the section you want to repair. Double-check the placement of the cable and make any necessary adjustments.

4. Bug or Glitch

While uncommon, there is a possibility that the issue is caused by a bug or glitch in the game. If you have tried all the previous solutions without success, it might be necessary to report the issue to the game developer and wait for a patch or update to fix it.

Possible Solutions

To resolve the issue, try the following solutions:

1. Increase power generation

If the power supply is insufficient, consider upgrading your power generation by adding more power sources or upgrading existing generators. This will ensure that enough electricity is being generated to repair the section.

2. Check and repair Power Cable

Inspect the Power Cable for any damage or obstructions. Replace the cable if needed. Make sure that it is securely connected at both ends.

3. Recheck the cable placement

Verify that the Power Cable is correctly placed between the base and the section you are trying to repair. Adjust its placement if necessary and ensure a secure connection at both ends.

4. Seek assistance from the game community

If you are still unable to fix the issue on your own, consider seeking help from the game’s community. Post your problem on forums, social media groups, or official game channels. Other players might have encountered the same issue and could provide useful tips or workarounds.

5. Contact the game developer

If the issue persists and seems to be a bug or glitch, contact the game developer directly. Provide them with detailed information about the problem, including any troubleshooting steps you have already taken. They may be able to provide further assistance or release a patch to fix the issue.


Encountering issues while playing Techtonica can be frustrating, especially when it prevents progress in the game. In this article, we discussed a common issue where a section in the game cannot be repaired, despite connecting a Power Cable. We explored possible causes such as insufficient power supply, damaged cables, incorrect placement, and bugs. We also provided some solutions, including increasing power generation, checking and repairing the cable, rechecking its placement, seeking help from the game community, and contacting the game developer. By following these steps, players should be able to overcome this issue and continue enjoying the game. Happy gaming!

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