Fixing Techtonica: Solving the Issue of Rapid Consumption and Efficiency

Fixing Techtonica: Increasing Efficiency and Overcoming Choke Points

Fixing Techtonica: Increasing Efficiency and Overcoming Choke Points


Techtonica is a first-person factory automation game set beneath the surface of an alien planet. In this game, players work alone or in co-op to build factories, gather resources, research new technologies, mold the destructible terrain, establish a base of operations, and uncover long-forgotten secrets. However, despite its thrilling gameplay and immersive world, players often encounter challenges related to efficiency and choke points. This article aims to explore ways to fix these issues and improve the gameplay experience.

Automating Production Buildings

One of the core aspects of Techtonica is automating the production of various items, including assemblers, miners, smelters, inserters, accumulators, and more. This process can be overwhelming, especially when players reach higher levels of automation. The sheer amount of space and belt routing required for non-intermediate item automation can be daunting.

Efficient Crafting Speed Upgrades

A possible solution to this problem is investing in research and unlocking crafting speed upgrades. By increasing the crafting speed of your machines, you can significantly reduce the time taken to produce items. This allows you to automate production more efficiently and tackle the challenge of automating non-intermediate items effectively.

Carrying Intermediate Items

Another strategy that can be employed is carrying around a full stack of intermediate items. By having a sufficient quantity of intermediate items on hand, you can quickly respond to production demands and keep your factories running smoothly. This reduces the need for complex belt routing and minimizes the chances of encountering choke points in your production line.

Overcoming Choke Points

Choke points can occur when the production rate of certain items exceeds the consumption rate. This leads to a build-up of inventory and can cause belts to lock up, disrupting the smooth functioning of your factories. Overcoming these choke points is essential for maintaining efficient and uninterrupted production.

Identifying the Choke Points

The first step in fixing choke points is identifying where they occur in your production line. Look for areas where inventory levels are consistently high and observe the locations where belts tend to lock up. This analysis will help you pinpoint the exact spots that require attention.

Optimizing Production Ratios

Once you have identified the choke points, it’s essential to optimize the production ratios of the involved items. Adjust the number of assemblers or machines dedicated to producing specific items to match the consumption rate. This will ensure a smoother flow of resources and prevent choke points from occurring.

Improving Belt Routing

An efficient belt routing system is crucial for preventing choke points. By carefully planning and designing your belt routes, you can avoid congested areas and ensure a more balanced distribution of resources. Use underground belts, splitters, and priority settings to optimize the flow of items and eliminate potential bottlenecks.

Expanding Production Capacity

If you find that your current production capacity is continuously facing choke points, it may be time to consider expanding your factories. By increasing the number of machines, assemblers, and production lines, you can meet higher demand and accommodate larger production volumes. This expansion will help alleviate choke points and allow for a smoother gameplay experience.


Techtonica offers a unique factory automation experience, but players often face challenges related to efficiency and choke points. By utilizing crafting speed upgrades, carrying intermediate items, identifying choke points, optimizing production ratios, improving belt routing, and expanding production capacity, players can overcome these hurdles and greatly enhance their gameplay experience. With these fixes in place, players can fully enjoy the immersive world, gather resources more efficiently, and uncover the long-forgotten secrets of the alien planet.

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