Fixing the Issue: Enhancing Navigability in Techtonica

Fixing Techtonica’s Mechanics | Techtonica Article

Fixing Techtonica’s Mechanics


Techtonica is a thrilling first-person factory automation game that takes place in the depths of an alien planet. Players work alone or in co-op to construct factories, gather resources, research new technologies, manipulate the terrain, establish a base of operations, and unveil forgotten secrets. While Techtonica offers an immersive experience, one issue that players frequently encounter is the difficulty in finding certain items and blueprints hidden throughout the game.

The Challenge of Finding Hidden Items

In Techtonica, the mechanics involve scanning random objects on the ground to unlock blueprints. Unfortunately, this mechanism often creates frustration for players, as locating these scan items can be a tedious task. Many players, including myself, have unlocked several blueprints in the tech tree without ever stumbling upon the corresponding scan items. As a result, some players lose interest in exploring, unless absolutely necessary.

The Impact on Gameplay

The mechanic of gating blueprints behind scanning random junk on the ground has a negative impact on the overall gameplay experience. It discourages players from fully immersing themselves in the exploration aspect of the game, hindering their ability to uncover all the game’s secrets and fully utilize the available technologies. Additionally, players might unintentionally miss important items, leading to frustration and wasted time as they backtrack to locate them.

A Suggested Solution

In order to improve the gameplay experience in Techtonica, it is suggested that the developers consider implementing changes to make finding scan items more accessible and intuitive. Here are a few possible solutions:

1. Increased Visual Clues

One way to help players locate scan items more easily is to provide clearer visual cues or indicators in the game world. This could include highlighting the items or making them stand out in some way, such as using a different color or glow effect.

2. Optional Scanning System

Instead of relying solely on scanning random objects on the ground, an optional scanning system could be implemented. This system could involve players actively searching for specific scan items in predetermined locations, such as abandoned structures or hidden underground chambers. This would allow players who are less interested in exploration to progress without feeling hindered.

3. Blueprint Vendors or Traders

Introducing blueprint vendors or traders within the game world who exchange resources or completed tasks for specific blueprints could also be a viable solution. This way, players are able to obtain the blueprints they need without relying solely on chance and exploration.


While Techtonica offers a captivating gameplay experience, the mechanic of hiding scan items and gating blueprints behind them can be frustrating for players. By implementing changes such as increased visual clues, an optional scanning system, or introducing blueprint vendors, the developers could enhance the overall gameplay experience and encourage players to fully enjoy the exploration aspect of the game. With these adjustments, players would feel more empowered to uncover all the game’s secrets and utilize the available technologies to their fullest potential.

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