Fixing the Techtonica Nvidia Issue: Identifying the Root Cause

Fixing Techtonica Game Issue

Fixing Techtonica Game Issue


Techtonica is a first-person factory automation game set beneath the surface of an alien planet. Players can work alone or in co-op to build factories, gather resources, research new technologies, mold the destructible terrain, establish a base of operations, and uncover long-forgotten secrets. However, some players have reported issues with the game, specifically related to NVIDIA graphics cards.

The Common Link: NVIDIA

Many players have noticed that the common link between the issues they face in Techtonica is the use of NVIDIA graphics cards. It seems that while the game runs fine on other graphics card models, those with NVIDIA cards encounter performance problems.

The GPU Utilization and Memory Usage Problem

One player, who provided their system specs as an example, reported that their GPU utilization and GPU memory usage spiked to over 90% after just a minute of gameplay. Their GPU temperature reached around 70 degrees Celsius, with the hotspot temperature going up to 100 degrees Celsius.

Comparatively, when running other graphically demanding games like Cyberpunk on their system, the temperature remains at a more manageable level of around 60 degrees Celsius for the GPU and 80 degrees Celsius for the hotspot.

While the exact cause of these issues is yet to be determined, it is important to troubleshoot and explore potential solutions.

1. Driver Updates

Ensure that you have the latest drivers for your NVIDIA graphics card. Visit the official NVIDIA website and download the most recent drivers compatible with your GPU model.

2. Game Settings

Check the in-game settings for Techtonica. It is recommended to limit the game’s maximum frames per second (FPS) to a reasonable number, such as 60 FPS, to reduce the strain on the GPU and prevent excessive heat generation.

3. Thermal Management

If you are experiencing abnormally high temperatures, consider improving the cooling system of your PC. Ensure that the fans are working properly and clean any dust or debris that may have accumulated in the system. Consider adding additional cooling solutions, such as liquid cooling, to keep the GPU temperature within safe limits.

4. Support Forums

Visit the official Techtonica support forums or community websites to see if other players have experienced similar issues and if any potential solutions or workarounds have been found. Developers and fellow players can provide valuable insights and suggestions.

5. Contact Support

If all else fails, consider reaching out to the game’s developers or support team directly. Provide them with detailed information about your system specs, the issues you are facing, and any troubleshooting steps you have already taken. They may be able to provide targeted assistance and investigate the issue further.


The Techtonica game issue, specifically related to NVIDIA graphics cards, is a matter of concern for many players. While the cause of the problem is still uncertain, there are several steps you can take to potentially resolve it. By updating drivers, adjusting game settings, managing thermal conditions, seeking community support, and contacting the game’s support team, you can increase the chances of finding a solution and enjoy a smoother gaming experience in Techtonica.

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