Resolving the Bottleneck: Unleashing Efficient Treshers in Techtonica

Fixing Techtonica: Addressing Bottlenecks and Resource Management

Fixing Techtonica: Addressing Bottlenecks and Resource Management


Techtonica is an exciting factory automation game that takes place underground on an alien planet. Players are tasked with building factories, gathering resources, researching technologies, terraforming the land, establishing a base, and uncovering hidden secrets. In this article, we will discuss some common issues and provide solutions to ensure a smoother gameplay experience.

The Bottleneck Issue

One of the glaring issues observed in Techtonica is the bottleneck that occurs when unloading the first set of threshers that split. This bottleneck causes a slowdown in the overall production process, hampering the efficiency of the factory. Solving this problem is crucial to achieve optimal factory performance.

Identifying the Cause

Upon closer examination, it becomes apparent that the bottleneck is mainly caused by the slow unloading of the first set of threshers. In order to address this issue, we need to find a way to speed up the unloading process.

Solution: Increasing Unloading Speed

To increase the speed at which the first set of threshers unloads, we can implement the following steps:

1. Upgrading Conveyor Belts

By upgrading the conveyor belts that transport the resources, we can significantly improve the unloading speed. Higher-tier conveyor belts have increased throughput, allowing for a smoother flow of resources.

2. Optimizing Resource Gathering

To ensure a constant supply of resources, it is essential to optimize resource gathering processes. This includes strategically placing miners and optimizing their settings to maximize efficiency. By carefully managing the distribution of workers and resources, we can maintain a sustainable production rate.

3. Researching Upgrades

Techtonica offers various research options that can enhance factory performance. Prioritize researching upgrades that specifically target unloading speed and resource management. These upgrades can provide significant boosts to overall productivity.

Alternative Resource Solutions

While building your first small factory for Bioblocks, you may have encountered sustainability issues with the current resource solution. Here are some alternative resource solutions to consider:

1. Diversify Resource Collection

Instead of relying solely on one type of resource, explore other resource options available in the game. By diversifying resource collection, you can reduce the risk of running out of a specific resource and ensure a more sustainable production process.

2. Implement Renewable Energy

To power your factory and feed miners and smelters with electricity, consider implementing renewable energy sources. Solar panels, wind turbines, or other sustainable energy solutions can help reduce reliance on limited resources and provide a reliable source of power.


In conclusion, Techtonica is an engaging factory automation game that offers various challenges for players to overcome. By addressing the bottleneck issue during the unloading process and exploring alternative resource solutions, players can achieve a more sustainable and efficient factory operation. Implementing upgrades, optimizing resource gathering, researching new technologies, and diversifying resource collection will help players find a happy stasis in this alien world.

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