Solving Techtonica’s Burning Issue: The Urgent Requirement for an Item Incinerator/Garbage Collector

Fix Techtonica Really Need an Item Incinerator / Garbage Collector

Fix Techtonica Really Need an Item Incinerator / Garbage Collector

Techtonica is a first-person factory automation game set beneath the surface of an alien planet. In this game, players can work alone or in co-op to build factories, gather resources, research new technologies, mold the destructible terrain, establish a base of operations, and uncover long-forgotten secrets.

However, there seems to be a missing feature in the game that is causing frustration for players. The lack of an item incinerator or garbage collector is causing production lines to stall and the manual emptying of overflow into scattered containers is proving to be inefficient. This article explores the need for a solution to this problem.

The Problem

Unless I’m missing something, there is currently no way to dispose of unnecessary items in Techtonica. This leads to issues with production lines, as overflowing items cannot be automatically cleared. Players are forced to manually empty the overflow into containers placed around the factory, creating clutter and inefficiency.

The Solution

It is evident that Techtonica would greatly benefit from the addition of an item incinerator or garbage collector. This machine would be able to delete items pumped into it, effectively managing the excess and keeping production lines running smoothly.

Having a dedicated machine for item disposal would eliminate the need for manual intervention and the scattering of misc. containers. With a garbage collector in place, players can focus more on the core mechanics of the game, such as building factories, gathering resources, and researching new technologies.

The Benefits

The introduction of an item incinerator or garbage collector would bring several benefits to Techtonica:

  • Efficiency: With a proper item disposal system, production lines will no longer stall due to overflowing items. This would significantly improve the overall efficiency of factories and allow players to optimize their operations.
  • Cleanliness: Getting rid of scattered containers would lead to a cleaner and more organized factory layout. Players can focus on creating a visually appealing and functional environment without the clutter caused by manual item management.
  • Convenience: The convenience of an item incinerator or garbage collector cannot be understated. It would provide a simple, automated solution to an otherwise tedious and time-consuming task.
  • Player Satisfaction: Listening to player feedback and implementing improvements is crucial for any game. By addressing this issue, the developers of Techtonica can improve player satisfaction and enhance the overall gameplay experience.

Possible Implementation

Implementing an item incinerator or garbage collector in Techtonica can be approached in several ways:

  1. Machine Blueprint: Introduce a new machine blueprint that players can build and place within their factories. This machine would have a designated input for unwanted items and would automatically dispose of them.
  2. Upgrade Existing Machines: Alternatively, the item disposal functionality can be integrated into existing machines, such as the resource processors or storage containers. This would provide a more streamlined approach as players wouldn’t need to allocate additional space for a separate machine.


In conclusion, the addition of an item incinerator or garbage collector to Techtonica would be a highly valuable feature in addressing the current limitations of item disposal. This solution would improve the efficiency, cleanliness, and convenience of gameplay, ultimately enhancing player satisfaction. By implementing this improvement, the developers can further establish Techtonica as an engaging and immersive factory automation game.

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