Techtonica [Bug] Clients Unable to Produce Items, Host Tabs, and Starts Other Steam Game: Like-for-Like Fix Techtonica (Issue)

Fixing Techtonica Bug: Clients Unable to Produce Items and Game Switching to Other Steam Game

About Techtonica

Techtonica is an immersive first-person factory automation game that takes place beneath the surface of an alien planet. It offers players the opportunity to work alone or in co-op mode to build factories, gather resources, research new technologies, mold the destructible terrain, establish a base of operations, and uncover long-forgotten secrets.

The Bug: Clients Unable to Produce Items and Game Switching to Other Steam Game

Recently, some Techtonica players have encountered a bug that has hindered their game experience. The bug manifests in two ways:

1. Inability to Interact and Produce Items

One client reported that their materials were being consumed, but no items were being produced. Another client also faced a similar issue, being unable to produce any items at all. This bug has frustrated players who rely on the efficient production of items to progress in the game.

2. Game Switching to Other Steam Game

Another issue observed was that the game unexpectedly switched to a different Steam game while running in the background. This caused confusion and disrupted gameplay, as it diverted the player’s attention away from Techtonica.

Mitigation: Tabbing Back into the Game

Fortunately, players have discovered a temporary fix for this bug. They found that tabbing out of the game and then tabbing back in resolves the issue and restores normal functionality. This workaround has proven effective in allowing players to resume their progress and use the in-game functions as intended.

Reproduction Attempts and Failures

To tackle this bug more effectively, efforts were made to reproduce it under controlled conditions. One attempt involved using the alt-tab function to switch to a different application, without launching another game. However, this failed to replicate the bug consistently.

Steps Taken to Fix the Bug

The Techtonica development team takes such issues seriously and has been working diligently to fix this bug. They have been investigating the code, seeking to identify the root cause and developing a long-term solution. The following steps have been taken:

1. Bug Identification and Isolation

The team has thoroughly examined the bug reports and gathered additional information from affected players to accurately identify the problem. They have isolated the necessary conditions and factors that trigger the bug.

2. Code Review and Debugging

The development team has reviewed the relevant sections of the game’s codebase to identify any potential flaws or errors. This process involves scanning the code for any logical inconsistencies or potential conflicts that may lead to the observed issues.

3. Testing and Quality Assurance

A dedicated testing phase has been initiated to assess various scenarios and validate the implementation of bug fixes. This includes testing the game’s performance under different system configurations and operating conditions to ensure that the bug is resolved comprehensively.

4. Patch Release and Changelog

Once the bug fix has been implemented and rigorously tested, the development team will release a patch to address the issue. They will provide a detailed changelog, outlining the specific changes and improvements made to the game.

Expectations and Future Improvements

The Techtonica development team is committed to delivering an optimal gaming experience for all players. By working to fix these bugs, they aim to enhance the gameplay and eliminate any frustrating obstacles that hinder progress.

In addition to addressing this specific bug, the team is actively exploring ways to improve the overall stability and performance of the game. They understand that a seamless and enjoyable experience is crucial for players to fully immerse themselves in the alien planet and its intriguing storyline.


The bug encountered by Techtonica players, which prevented clients from producing items and caused the game to switch to other Steam games, has been identified and is being actively addressed by the development team. Measures, such as code review, bug isolation, testing, and patch releases, are being undertaken to fix the issue and enhance the gaming experience.

Players can look forward to an upcoming patch that will resolve these problems and provide a smoother gameplay experience. With the dedication and commitment of the Techtonica development team, the journey to uncover long-forgotten secrets on the alien planet will soon become more immersive and enjoyable for all players.

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