Techtonica Feedback Dump: Discussing Techtonica’s General Issues and Fixing Them

Fix Techtonica Feedback Dump :: Techtonica General Discussions

Fix Techtonica Feedback Dump :: Techtonica General Discussions


Techtonica is a first-person factory automation game set beneath the surface of an alien planet. In this game, players can work alone or in co-op to build factories, gather resources, research new technologies, mold the destructible terrain, establish a base of operations, and uncover long-forgotten secrets. With its neat concept and enjoyable gameplay, Techtonica has gained popularity among gamers. However, like any other game, it has its fair share of issues and annoyances that need to be addressed for a better overall experience.

Chest Slot Limitations

One of the major issues players face in the early game is the lack of a way to limit the number of slots inserters can fill up in chests. This becomes a problem when players want to automate their processes but end up with excess inserters that consume valuable resources. It’s recommended to introduce a feature that allows players to set chest sizes, limiting the number of slots inserters can use.

Precise Stack Splitting

Another issue players encounter is the difference in inventory behavior when opening a machine UI versus a normal inventory UI. While the normal inventory UI allows players to precisely split stacks into desired amounts, the machine UI lacks this functionality. It is advised to make this feature consistent across all UIs for a smoother experience.

Confused Clearance Requirements

A major concern is the confusing clearance requirements when building multiple floors. Players often face clearance issues when trying to place machines or flooring. It is suggested to prevent placing flooring above a machine if there is not enough clearance for the machine itself. Additionally, clearance limitations for core composers should be addressed, as they currently extend two voxels below them, causing unnecessary frustration for players.

Science Cores and Core Composers

Science cores and core composers also need some improvements. The size of the core composer makes it difficult to place without the hover pack, and introducing a smaller version for initial gameplay stages can be helpful. Furthermore, players have reported issues with core composers not functioning properly, which affects their progress in the game. It is recommended to address these issues for a smoother gameplay experience.

Trippy “Tier Unlocked” Animation

Feedback suggests that the psychedelic animation played after unlocking a new facility tier doesn’t fit well with the overall theme of the game. Players find it distracting and out of place. Consider replacing it with an animation that better aligns with the game’s aesthetic.

System Screen Bugs

There are several bugs related to the Tech, Logs, and Tasks screens that need to be addressed. These include the screens scrolling to the bottom every time a game is loaded, drunk timestamps, and persistent “New” notifications for unlocked tech. It is recommended to fix these bugs to enhance the overall user experience.

MOLE Aiming and Mining Charges

Players have reported issues with MOLE aiming, particularly when not aiming at the floor. The MOLE sometimes targets rocks behind the intended target, making mining difficult. Additionally, there is a bug with mining charge placement, where charges attach inside the voxel mesh instead. Consider improving the aiming mechanics for the MOLE and fixing the placement bug for mining charges.

QoL Patch and Known Issues

Given the number of issues reported, it is highly recommended to release a quick Quality of Life (QoL) patch in the following weeks. This patch should address system screen bugs and provide the ability to set limits on chests for automated inserters. Consistency in clearance requirements should also be a priority. Additionally, known issues such as broken beacons should be fixed to ensure a smoother gameplay experience.


While Techtonica is an enjoyable game with a unique concept, there are certainly areas that need improvement. By addressing the issues mentioned above and releasing timely patches, the developers can enhance the overall player experience and make Techtonica an even more successful game.

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