Techtonica: Fixing the Tech Industry’s Diversity Issues

Fixing Techtonica: Addressing Gameplay Issues and Improving User Experience

Fixing Techtonica: Addressing Gameplay Issues and Improving User Experience

Techtonica is an exciting first-person factory automation game that takes players on a thrilling adventure beneath the surface of an alien planet. With its immersive gameplay and vast opportunities for exploration and creativity, Techtonica has quickly gained a dedicated player base. However, like any game, it is not without its flaws. In this article, we will explore some of the common issues players face and discuss potential solutions to enhance the overall gaming experience.

Issue: Irreversible Terrain Damage

One of the frustrating aspects of Techtonica is the inability to repair or replace terrain that has been accidentally destroyed. For example, when digging a tunnel for conveyor belts, players may inadvertently dig into a cave or a critical part of their factory. Currently, there is no way to rectify this damage, which hampers both gameplay and aesthetics.

Potential Solution: Terrain Reconstruction

To address this issue, it would be beneficial to implement a feature that allows players to replace broken terrain. This could involve introducing a specialized tool or machine that can reconstruct the damaged areas. By utilizing in-game resources and spending a certain amount of time, players would be able to repair their factories or caves, restoring their desired appearance and enhancing gameplay without too much inconvenience.

Issue: Lack of Co-op Mode

Techtonica offers a captivating single-player experience, but many players desire the ability to collaborate and share the gameplay with friends or other online players. Currently, there is no built-in co-op mode, limiting the game’s potential for social interaction and cooperative teamwork.

Potential Solution: Co-op Multiplayer Integration

Integrating a co-op multiplayer mode into Techtonica would be a significant improvement. By allowing players to connect and work together in building factories and exploring the alien planet, the game would benefit from increased player engagement and longevity. This could be achieved through online matchmaking or private multiplayer sessions, where players can invite their friends to join and play together. Additionally, introducing cooperative challenges or objectives could further enhance the co-op experience and encourage teamwork among players.

Issue: Limited Technological Research

In Techtonica, players are encouraged to research new technologies to advance their factories and expand their capabilities. However, some players feel that the current research options are limited, leading to a lack of progression and variety in gameplay.

Potential Solution: Expanded Technological Tree

To address this concern, implementing an expanded technological research tree would significantly enhance the gameplay experience. By providing players with a broader range of research options, including new machinery, tools, and automation techniques, the game can offer increased depth and complexity. This would not only give players more objectives to work towards but also allow for more diverse factory designs and strategies.

Issue: Unveiling Forgotten Secrets

Techtonica promises the uncovering of long-forgotten secrets within the game’s universe. However, some players report that discovering these secrets can be overly challenging or unclear, leading to frustration and a feeling of aimlessness.

Potential Solution: Improved Clues and Narrative Guidance

One way to address this issue is by providing players with clearer clues and narrative guidance. This could involve adding hints or markers within the game world that direct players towards uncovering the secrets. Additionally, integrating a comprehensive in-game journal or codex, which records important information and objectives, would assist players in understanding their current goals and the steps needed to reveal the long-forgotten secrets.


While Techtonica is a unique and captivating game, there are several aspects that can be improved to enhance gameplay and overall user experience. By addressing issues such as irreversible terrain damage, introducing co-op multiplayer mode, expanding the technological research tree, and providing clearer hints and clues for discovering long-forgotten secrets, Techtonica can reach new heights and captivate an even wider audience. The potential for the game’s growth and success is immense, and by actively listening to player feedback and implementing these improvements, the developers can ensure its continued popularity and enjoyment for players.

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