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Fixing Techtonica Inserter

Fixing Techtonica Inserter

Techtonica is a first-person factory automation game set beneath the surface of an alien planet. In this game, players can work alone or in co-op to build factories, gather resources, research new technologies, mold the destructible terrain, establish a base of operations, and uncover long-forgotten secrets.

The Issue with Inserters

One common complaint among players in Techtonica is that inserters are not maximizing the components in constructors. Instead of increasing the stack of components, inserters wait for them to be used one at a time. As a result, builders are always almost empty while supply boxes are full.

Understanding the Problem

The issue can be attributed to the way inserters are currently programmed in the game. These inserters are designed to only move items from one place to another, without considering the efficiency of the production process. As a result, resources are not being utilized to their fullest potential, leading to a bottleneck in production.

The Importance of Quick Inserters

Quick inserters are an essential aspect of automation in Techtonica. They allow for faster movement of items, increasing the efficiency of production lines. However, due to the current issue with inserters, the need for quick inserters is diminished, as they cannot maximize the components in constructors.

Possible Solutions

To address this issue, several possible solutions can be explored:

1. Upgrading the Inserter AI

One possible solution is to upgrade the inserter AI to prioritize inserting components into constructors until they are full. By making this adjustment, inserters will no longer wait for components to be used one at a time, but instead, proactively fill up the constructors with the maximum stack of components. This will optimize the production process and eliminate the bottleneck caused by the current inserter behavior.

2. Implementing Smart Inserters

Another option is to introduce smart inserters into the game. These inserters would have the ability to analyze the production line and determine the most efficient way to distribute resources. Smart inserters could be programmed to detect when a constructor is low on components and prioritize filling it up, while also considering the demand from other parts of the factory. This intelligent behavior would greatly enhance the overall productivity of the player’s operations.

3. Allowing Customization of Inserter Behavior

A more advanced solution would be to provide players with the ability to customize inserter behavior according to their specific needs. This could be achieved through an in-game interface that allows players to set rules and priorities for inserters. By giving players control over inserter behavior, they can optimize their production lines based on their own strategies and preferences.


The issue with inserters not maximizing components in constructors and waiting for them to be used one at a time in Techtonica is a common concern among players. However, by implementing upgrades to inserter AI, introducing smart inserters, or allowing customization of inserter behavior, this problem can be effectively resolved. These enhancements will not only increase the efficiency of production but also provide players with more strategic control over their automation processes. With these improvements, players can fully enjoy the factory automation gameplay experience that Techtonica offers.

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