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Fixing Terrain in Techtonica

Fix Techtonica: A Guide to Terrain Placement and Management in Techtonica


Techtonica is a first-person factory automation game set beneath the surface of an alien planet. With its focus on resource gathering, research, and base building, players are often confronted with challenges in terrain placement and management. In this article, we will explore the current state of terrain placement in Techtonica and discuss any planned or implemented features related to fixing and replacing terrain.

Terrain Placement Challenges

While playing Techtonica, players may encounter instances where terrain is accidentally broken or misplaced. This can happen, for example, when digging a tunnel for conveyor belts and unintentionally colliding with a cave or a part of the factory. These accidental holes or disruptions in the terrain can detract from the overall aesthetic and functionality of the game.

Current Status of Terrain Replacement

As of now, there is no official way to directly replace or fix broken terrain in Techtonica. Once a hole or disruption is created, it remains as a permanent fixture in the game world. This lack of a terrain replacement feature is a limitation that can impact the player’s experience and visual satisfaction.

Player Discussions and Feedback

The absence of a terrain replacement feature has been a topic of discussion among the Techtonica player community. Many players have expressed their concerns about the aesthetic and functional repercussions of broken terrain, particularly when it comes to maintaining a visually appealing factory layout.

Planned Features and Updates

Fortunately, the development team behind Techtonica has been actively engaging with the player base and listening to their feedback. According to discussions on the Techtonica General Discussions forum, there are plans to implement a terrain fixing feature in future updates.

The exact details and timeline of this feature have not been specified, but the community is eagerly awaiting its release. The potential ability to replace or repair broken terrain would greatly enhance the gameplay experience, allowing players to maintain a cleaner and more organized factory layout.

Potential Implementation of Terrain Replacement

While the specific implementation of terrain replacement in Techtonica has not been confirmed, there are a few potential approaches that could be considered by the development team:

  1. Manual Terrain Replacement: This approach would involve giving players the ability to manually place terrain blocks to cover up any holes or disruptions. Players could select the desired terrain type and place it over the damaged area, effectively fixing the terrain.
  2. Automated Terrain Restoration: Another option would be to introduce automated technology within the game that can restore the terrain to its original state. This could be in the form of advanced machinery or devices that players can unlock through research and progression.
  3. Regenerative Terrain: An alternative approach could be the introduction of a regenerative terrain system, where any broken terrain gradually heals and reverts to its original state over time. This would provide a natural process for terrain fixation without requiring direct player intervention.


While terrain replacement is not currently available in Techtonica, the development team is actively working on adding this highly requested feature in future updates. Being able to fix broken terrain will greatly enhance the visual appeal and overall gameplay experience for players, allowing them to create more organized and aesthetically pleasing factory layouts.

Stay tuned for updates from the Techtonica development team and continue to provide feedback and suggestions on the official forums. Together, we can help shape the future of terrain placement and management in Techtonica!

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