Techtonica Key Mapping Issue: Seeking a Like-for-Like Fix in Techtonica General Discussions

Fixing Techtonica Key Mapping Issue

Fixing Techtonica Key Mapping Issue

Techtonica is an immersive first-person factory automation game that takes place on an alien planet. Players can either embark on this adventure alone or team up with friends in co-op mode. The game involves constructing factories, gathering resources, researching new technologies, shaping the terrain, establishing bases, and uncovering forgotten secrets. However, one issue that has caused frustration among players is the key mapping problem, particularly for users with non-qwerty keyboards such as Azerty. This article aims to explore this issue and discuss possible solutions.

The Problem with Key Mapping

Upon starting the game and attempting to interact with the environment, players quickly notice that the controls have been preset for a qwerty keyboard layout. This poses a significant challenge for players using keyboards with different layouts, such as Azerty. Although it is possible to change the key mapping settings, the process itself is not intuitive, and the issue becomes even more frustrating as players try to modify it.

Another confusing aspect of the controls is the use of the “e” key as the primary interaction key instead of a directional key (preferably the right arrow key). This unconventional choice adds to the difficulty players face in navigating the game. Additionally, the game allows for multiple actions to be assigned to the same key. For example, the “e” key can serve as both the “go right” command as well as the “interact” command simultaneously. This further compounds the confusion players experience when trying to navigate the game world.

The Impact on Players

Many players have voiced their frustrations with the current key mapping system in Techtonica. This issue substantially hinders the overall experience of the game, making it less enjoyable and even unplayable for some players. Users with Azerty keyboards, in particular, find themselves at a significant disadvantage, as key placement differs significantly from the qwerty layout. The lack of a clear and intuitive solution to this problem has resulted in players spending more time trying to configure the controls rather than fully immersing themselves in the gameplay. This has led to a decrease in player satisfaction and engagement.

Possible Solutions

In order to address the key mapping issue in Techtonica, the game’s developers should consider implementing the following measures:

1. Custom Key Mapping

Introduce a feature that allows players to customize the key mapping to their preference. This feature should be user-friendly, allowing for easy remapping of keys while providing clear instructions and visual representations of the keyboard layout. By allowing players to assign commands to the specific keys on their keyboard, regardless of layout, Techtonica would become more accessible and enjoyable for a wider audience.

2. Clear On-Screen Prompts

Include clear on-screen prompts that indicate which key corresponds to specific actions within the game world. This would eliminate confusion by providing visual cues that align with the actual key being pressed. It is crucial to make these prompts adjustable to cater to players using different keyboard layouts.

3. Separate Interact and Direction Keys

Assign a dedicated key for interactions, separate from directional keys. By doing so, the control scheme would become more intuitive, eliminating the current confusion caused by using the “e” key for both interaction and direction.

4. Multiple Key Options

Allow players to assign multiple keys to the same action. This would accommodate players who prefer different key configurations or those who may have limited mobility and require alternative options for certain actions. By employing this feature, Techtonica would become more inclusive and accessible to a wider range of players.


The key mapping issue in Techtonica presents a significant hurdle for players using non-qwerty keyboards, resulting in frustration, decreased engagement, and reduced overall enjoyment of the game. By implementing customizable key mapping options, clear on-screen prompts, separate interact and direction keys, and multiple key options, the game’s developers can address these concerns, making Techtonica more accessible and enjoyable for all players. With these improvements, players can fully immerse themselves in the game, focus on building factories, gathering resources, and uncovering long-forgotten secrets, without the added frustration of inadequate key mapping.

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