Techtonica MOLE: Techtonica General Discussions and Fixes for Like-for-Like Issues

Fix Techtonica MOLE :: Techtonica General Discussions

Fix Techtonica MOLE :: Techtonica General Discussions


Techtonica is a captivating first-person factory automation game that takes place beneath the surface of an alien planet. With the ability to work alone or in co-op, players are tasked with building factories, gathering resources, researching new technologies, molding the destructible terrain, establishing a base of operations, and uncovering long-forgotten secrets. This article will focus on the MOLE leveling mode in Techtonica and discuss any potential bugs that may exist.

The MOLE Leveling Mode

The MOLE leveling mode is an integral part of Techtonica, allowing players to navigate through the alien planet’s terrain and uncover its hidden treasures. This mode enables players to control a specialized MOLE vehicle equipped with advanced tools and capabilities for digging and mining resources. However, recently, some players have reported issues with the MOLE leveling mode, claiming that it is bugged.

Understanding the Bug

According to player reports, the bug in the MOLE leveling mode causes unexpected behaviors and limitations. Players have noticed that the MOLE sometimes gets stuck, fails to respond to commands properly, or exhibits strange movement patterns. These issues can significantly hinder progress and frustrate players who rely on the MOLE to explore and gather resources efficiently.

Investigating the Issue

To address the reported bug, the Techtonica development team has been actively investigating the issue. They have been collecting player feedback, analyzing game logs, and conducting extensive testing to reproduce and understand the problem. The team’s primary goal is to identify the root cause of the bug and develop an effective fix to enhance the overall gameplay experience.

Possible Workarounds

While the Techtonica development team is working diligently on fixing the MOLE leveling mode bug, players who encounter this issue may benefit from trying some workarounds. These temporary solutions may help players continue their gameplay until an official fix is released. Here are a few possible workarounds:

  1. Restarting the game: Sometimes, restarting Techtonica can help resolve temporary glitches or issues with the MOLE leveling mode.
  2. Changing control settings: Trying different control configurations or adjusting sensitivity settings could potentially alleviate problems with MOLE responsiveness.
  3. Rebinding controls: Users can experiment with rebinding specific MOLE controls to different keys or buttons to see if it resolves any command-related issues.
  4. Using alternative routes: When encountering areas where the MOLE gets stuck, players can try exploring alternative routes or approaching the terrain from a different angle to bypass the problematic zones.

It’s important to note that these workarounds may not work for all players or all instances of the bug. However, they provide potential options for those who wish to continue playing despite encountering MOLE leveling mode issues.

Communicating with the Techtonica Team

The Techtonica development team encourages players to report any bugs or issues encountered during gameplay. By providing detailed information about the problem, players can help the team pinpoint the cause and work towards an effective resolution.

Players can reach out to the Techtonica team through various channels, including:

  • Official forums: The Techtonica community forums offer dedicated sections for bug reports, allowing players to share their experiences and provide relevant information to the development team.
  • In-game reporting: Some games provide built-in reporting tools where players can directly submit bug reports or feedback from within the game itself.
  • Social media: Many game developers actively engage with their community on social media platforms, making it another excellent channel to report bugs or discuss game-related issues.
  • Email support: Techtonica may have a dedicated support email address where players can reach out directly to the development team with bug reports or other concerns.

Contributing to a Better Gaming Experience

By actively communicating with the Techtonica development team and providing bug reports, players play a vital role in enhancing the overall gaming experience. Reporting bugs helps the development team identify and prioritize issues, resulting in more efficient bug fixing and continual improvement of Techtonica.


The MOLE leveling mode in Techtonica is an essential aspect of the game, offering players the ability to explore the alien planet’s depths and uncover its mysteries. While some players have reported bugs with this mode, the Techtonica development team is actively working on finding a solution. In the meantime, players can try temporary workarounds to continue enjoying the game. Communicating with the Techtonica team by reporting bugs and providing feedback also plays a vital role in shaping the game’s future and ensuring a better gaming experience for all players.

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