Techtonica: My Wishlist for QOL, What I Like, and a Bug Report

Fix Techtonica – My Wish List for QOL, What I Like, and a Bug

Fix Techtonica – My Wish List for QOL, What I Like, and a Bug


1) A gear item or option to turn off belts moving me around while trying to fix or rearrange layouts. I always seem to move right as I click and delete way too much stuff.

2) Some kind of Item sink or straight up trash can.

3) Variable height hover option, maybe a button you hold and slowly rise until a desired height then release to stay at that height, same max height. This would fix issue #1 by allowing to “float” just above belts.

4) A railing for construction, something to keep me from constantly falling off while building belts down from stacked factories.

5) Smart splitters and filter splitters.

6) Placeable splitters and no more auto-generated splitters that break when loading a save.

7) Wall tiles.

8) Fuel powers generators….? Some kind of Kindlevine/Shiverthorn mix to put in a reactor….? Maybe a new plant matter to mix in…..?


1) Very nice looking terrains, A+

2) Research cores, nice different concept from other games, I wouldn’t change them. Core composers on the other hand……I gave up using them and just make my own towers.

3) Power floors A+, one of the most annoying things in factory games is dealing with power wires and poles and stuff. Factorio – everyone switches to substations ASAP, Satisfactory – my wires are always ugly looking, just can’t come up with a good way.


1) When logging in, sometimes my splitters change from a 3-way to an elbow and a dead end, and my items stop splitting. This only seems to happen with splitters that are 1 tile apart from another splitter.

2) Also, when logging in, mining drills on Limestone deposits just stop working or don’t start. I have to run over to every limestone area and rotate them, and then they start drilling again.

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