Techtonica Production Terminal Victor: An All-in-One Solution for Techtonica General Discussions

Fix Techtonica Production Terminal Victor

Techtonica General Discussions: Fixing Production Terminal Victor

Techtonica is a first-person factory automation game set beneath the surface of an alien planet. In this game, players can work alone or in co-op to build factories, gather resources, research new technologies, mold the destructible terrain, establish a base of operations, and uncover long-forgotten secrets. It’s a thrilling and immersive experience for gamers looking for a unique and challenging gameplay.

The Issue with Production Terminal Victor

However, it seems that some players are encountering a specific issue with the Production Terminal Victor. One player reported sending a stack of processor units into the terminal and successfully upgrading it to the next level. However, it now seems that the terminal still has some processor units left, but it actually needs advanced circuits. This dilemma has left the player wondering if there is a way to remove the processor units from the terminal or if they need to start the game from scratch.

Troubleshooting the Problem

If you are facing a similar issue with the Production Terminal Victor, fear not! There are a few troubleshooting steps you can take to resolve the problem before considering starting the game from fresh.

1. Accessing the Terminal Interface

The first step is to access the terminal interface and check if there are any options available to remove the processor units. Look for a “Remove Items” or “Clear Inventory” button within the terminal itself. This feature is commonly found in similar games and might exist in Techtonica as well. Click on the button if you find it and follow the prompts to remove the processor units.

2. Upgrading the Terminal

If the first step didn’t provide a solution, consider upgrading the terminal to the next level again. Sometimes, upgrading can reset the inventory of the terminal and allow you to choose the correct items. Make sure to gather the required materials for the advanced circuits and try upgrading the terminal once more. This might fix the issue and allow you to proceed with the game.

3. Seeking In-Game Assistance

If the above steps don’t work, it’s time to seek help within the game itself. Check the in-game forums or discussion boards to see if other players have encountered a similar problem and found a solution. Engage in conversations with experienced players or the game’s community to gain insights and potentially receive guidance from the developers.

4. Contacting Support

If all else fails, reach out to the game’s support team for assistance. Visit the official Techtonica website and look for a support or contact page. Submit a detailed description of the issue you are facing and provide any relevant information, such as version numbers and steps you’ve already taken to troubleshoot. The support team should be able to assist you further and provide a solution to the problem.


As an exciting and complex factory automation game, Techtonica offers players a vast array of possibilities. However, encountering issues like the one with Production Terminal Victor can be frustrating. By following the troubleshooting steps mentioned above and seeking assistance within the game’s community, you can hopefully find a resolution and continue enjoying the game.

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