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Fix Techtonica PSA: Core Composers

Techtonica is a first-person factory automation game set beneath the surface of an alien planet. Work alone or in co-op to build factories, gather resources, research new technologies, mold the destructible terrain, establish a base of operations, and uncover long-forgotten secrets.


When playing Techtonica and trying to create a room for your core composers, I discovered a frustrating issue. No matter how much space you clear in any direction, it will be considered ‘invalid build space’ if you attempt to build directly onto the lowermost tiles of the world, which are known as the ‘foundation’ or bedrock, similar to Minecraft. This prevents players from placing Core Composers directly onto the bedrock, forcing them to build an additional floor layer above it.

I learned this the hard way after spending a laborious eight hours trying to dig out a massive room, only to encounter this obstacle during the building process.

The Issue with Building Core Composers

Upon reaching the World’s floor and attempting to construct Core Composers, players are faced with the frustrating realization that it is not possible due to the ‘invalid build space’ restriction on the bedrock tiles. This unexpected limitation presents a significant hurdle in player progression and disrupts the gameplay experience.

A Workaround to Overcome the Issue

To overcome this frustrating issue, players must construct an additional floor layer above the bedrock. By building this extra floor layer, you provide a valid space for placing Core Composers, allowing for a smooth gameplay experience without unnecessary complications.

It’s important to note that this workaround is not explicitly mentioned within the game itself, leading to confusion and unnecessary wasted time for players attempting to expand their factory and unlock new technologies. Therefore, it’s crucial for players to be aware of this workaround to save time and frustration.

Improving the Core Composer Building Mechanics

While the workaround does alleviate the issue, the underlying problem still remains. It would greatly enhance the gameplay experience if the developers of Techtonica could address this limitation in a future update. Allowing players to directly build Core Composers on the bedrock tiles would eliminate the need for players to construct an additional floor layer, streamlining the building process and improving overall player satisfaction.

In addition, providing in-game notifications or tutorials that explain this workaround would be extremely helpful for players who may not have access to external resources such as forums or online discussions.


The issue surrounding the building mechanics of Core Composers in Techtonica can be frustrating for players who are attempting to progress in the game. While there is a workaround by constructing an additional floor layer above the bedrock, it is not clearly stated within the game itself, leading to confusion and wasted time for players.

We hope that the developers of Techtonica take note of this issue and consider addressing it in a future update. By allowing players to build Core Composers directly on the bedrock tiles and providing in-game notifications or tutorials on this workaround, the gameplay experience can be significantly improved, resulting in greater player satisfaction.

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