Techtonica Stackable Filter Inserter: Solving Issues and Enhancing Efficiency

Fix Techtonica Stackable Filter Inserter

Fix Techtonica Stackable Filter Inserter

Techtonica is a first-person factory automation game set beneath the surface of an alien planet. Players can work alone or in co-op to build factories, gather resources, research new technologies, mold the destructible terrain, establish a base of operations, and uncover long-forgotten secrets. The game offers a unique and immersive experience in the world of factory automation.

The Need for Stackable Filter Inserters

In Techtonica, players face various challenges when it comes to managing resources and optimizing factory production. One particular problem that players have encountered is the limitation of inserters, specifically filter inserters, which can only insert one item at a time. This limitation can cause inefficiencies in production lines and slow down overall factory output.

A common scenario where stackable filter inserters would come in handy is when dealing with resources such as threshers. These resources tend to fill up quickly, causing the inserter to slow down its operation. The issue arises when players need multiple slots on the same side for both materials due to specific machine placement requirements. As a solution, players have suggested having both sides of the inserter with four exits or introducing stackable filter inserters.

Stackable filter inserters would allow players to insert multiple items at once, significantly improving the efficiency of resource transportation within the factory. This feature would enable players to maintain a consistent production rate without being hindered by the slow operation of single-item inserters.

Potential Benefits of Stackable Filter Inserters

By introducing stackable filter inserters in Techtonica, players would enjoy several benefits that enhance their gameplay experience:

  1. Increased Efficiency: Stackable filter inserters would significantly improve the efficiency of resource transportation within the factory. This increased efficiency means higher production rates and faster progression in the game.
  2. Optimized Resource Management: With stackable filter inserters, players can better manage their resources as the inserters can handle multiple items at once. This allows for smoother and more balanced production lines, maximizing resource utilization.
  3. Flexible Factory Design: Stackable filter inserters would offer players more flexibility in designing their factory layouts. By allowing for multiple slots on the same side, players can create optimized machine placements, avoiding bottlenecks and streamlining production.
  4. Improved Gameplay Experience: The implementation of stackable filter inserters would enhance the overall gameplay experience by providing players with additional tools for factory automation. It would increase the depth and complexity of production management, offering new strategic possibilities for players to explore.

Possible Solutions

Developers of Techtonica could consider the following solutions to address the need for stackable filter inserters:

  1. Introduce Stackable Filter Inserters: The most straightforward solution would be to add stackable filter inserters as an additional type of inserter in the game. This would allow players to insert multiple items in one go, improving efficiency and production rates.
  2. Modify Existing Inserters: Alternatively, developers could modify the existing filter inserters to be stackable. This option would retain the familiarity of the current inserter system while adding the desired functionality.
  3. Customization Options: Developers could introduce customization options for inserters, allowing players to upgrade or modify them to become stackable. This would provide players with a sense of progression and control over their factory automation systems.

Player Feedback

Many players have expressed their desire for stackable filter inserters in Techtonica. They believe that this addition would greatly improve their gameplay experience and provide more strategic options for managing their factories efficiently.

One player mentioned, “I have faced the issue with threshers where one resource always fills up, causing the inserter to slow down. Having stackable filter inserters or multiple slots on the same side would be a perfect solution in this scenario.”

Another player added, “Stackable filter inserters would save a lot of time and effort in managing resources. It’s frustrating when you have to constantly optimize inserters to avoid slowdowns. I really hope the developers consider adding this feature.”


In conclusion, the addition of stackable filter inserters in Techtonica would be a valuable improvement to the game’s factory automation mechanics. This feature would enhance efficiency, optimize resource management, provide flexibility in factory design, and overall improve the gameplay experience for players.

By considering player feedback and implementing stackable filter inserters, developers can address the needs and desires of the Techtonica gaming community, ensuring a more enjoyable and immersive gaming experience for all players.

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