Techtonica to Receive a Fix for its Issue – Spoiler-Filled Searchable Map Available in the Meantime

Fixing Techtonica

Fixing Techtonica


Techtonica is a captivating first-person factory automation game that takes place beneath the surface of an alien planet. Players are immersed in a world where they can work alone or partner up with others to construct factories, collect resources, research new technologies, manipulate the terrain, establish a base of operations, and uncover hidden secrets. Like any game, Techtonica may encounter a few bugs and issues, and one such problem is the missing fh-2652 door. Although a fix is on its way, we have a searchable map with spoilers available for those who are impatient and don’t want to wait for the patch. Read on to learn more.

The Game

Techtonica offers players a thrilling experience deep below the surface of an alien planet. The game allows players to engage in factory automation, where they can singlehandedly or jointly build factories, collect resources, and conduct research on new technologies. The game also includes the ability to shape and destruct the terrain while exploring the mysteries hidden beneath the surface.

The Issue

One issue players are currently facing in Techtonica is the missing fh-2652 door. Players need to repair the door, but it seems to have disappeared from their surroundings, making it impossible to complete the required task. However, fear not, as a fix for this issue is in the works and will be released soon pending its final testing.

The Temporary Solution

While waiting for the patch to arrive, there is a temporary solution available for players who can’t bear to wait any longer. We have created a searchable map that reveals the location of the missing fh-2652 door. Please note that using this map will spoil your gameplay experience, as it reveals crucial details. However, for those who are impatient or simply curious, you can access the map by following the link below:

Searchable Map


Techtonica is an enthralling first-person factory automation game that offers players the opportunity to explore an alien planet’s depths, build factories, gather resources, and discover hidden secrets. Unfortunately, a bug causing the disappearance of the fh-2652 door has been encountered by players. However, a fix for this issue is on its way pending final testing. In the meantime, for those who can’t wait for the patch, we have provided a searchable map with spoilers of the door’s location. Remember to use it at your own risk, as it will compromise the surprise and challenge of the game. Happy gaming!

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