Techtonica Users Concerned About Low FOV Causing Sickness: Seeking Prompt Resolution

Fixing FOV Issue in Techtonica

Fixing FOV Issue in Techtonica

Techtonica is an exciting first-person factory automation game that takes players on a thrilling journey beneath the surface of an alien planet. With its immersive gameplay and intriguing storyline, Techtonica has captivated players around the world. However, there is one issue that needs to be addressed: the FOV (Field of View) setting.

The FOV Problem

Many players have reported feeling motion sickness and discomfort while playing Techtonica, particularly when the FOV is set at the maximum value of 80. Additionally, the implementation of the FOV in the game creates a strange fisheye lens effect, which further detracts from the overall gaming experience.

The Need for Customizable FOV

With more and more players experiencing symptoms of motion sickness due to low FOV settings, it is crucial for developers to address this issue promptly. The lack of a customizable FOV option limits the accessibility and enjoyment of the game for a significant portion of the player base.

Benefits of Increased FOV

An increased FOV, preferably up to 100 or even higher, would greatly benefit players by reducing the chance of experiencing motion sickness and dizziness during gameplay. By allowing players to adjust the FOV to their personal comfort level, Techtonica would become more inclusive and enjoyable for a wider audience.

Improved Immersion

Furthermore, a higher FOV would enhance the overall immersion in Techtonica. By widening the player’s field of view, they would be able to perceive their surroundings more naturally, creating a sense of being truly present in the game world. This heightened immersion would contribute to a more engaging and satisfying gaming experience.

Solution Proposal

To address the FOV issue in Techtonica, we propose the implementation of a customizable FOV option in the game’s settings menu. This option would allow players to adjust the FOV to their preference, with a maximum value of 100 or above. By providing this customization feature, developers can cater to the diverse needs and comfort levels of players, ultimately improving the overall player experience.


Techtonica is an exceptional game that offers a unique factory automation experience set in an alien world. However, the current low FOV settings leading to motion sickness and the distracting fisheye lens effect diminish the game’s potential for widespread enjoyment.

By implementing a customizable FOV option, the developers would not only alleviate the discomfort experienced by many players but also enhance the overall immersion and appeal of the game. Techtonica has the potential to become an even more beloved and well-regarded title with this simple yet significant improvement.

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