Title: Resolving In-Game Ads Issues for Viewfinder :: Join the Discussion in Viewfinder General Discussions Post: Hey there, fellow Viewfinders! 👋 I wanted to address an ongoing issue pertaining to the in-game ads encountered in Viewfinder. It seems like many of us have been facing some annoyances when it comes to these advertisements popping up during our gaming sessions. I believe it’s crucial for us to collectively share our experiences and find potential fixes to optimize our gameplay. To start off, let’s discuss the potential hassles these ads can cause. Firstly, they can disrupt our immersion and focus, as they tend to appear at inconvenient moments, hindering our progress or ruining the atmosphere. Secondly, frequent ad interruptions might affect the overall gaming experience, leading to frustration and dissatisfaction among players. Lastly, some ads may even be intrusive, causing technical issues or compromising the game’s performance. So, what can we do to fix this issue? Have any of you been successful in resolving or mitigating the problem? Please share your thoughts, ideas, and suggestions in the comments below. Let’s collaborate to find effective ways to deal with these ads and enhance our gameplay. Moreover, it would be great if the developers or support team of Viewfinder could provide their input in this discussion. We’d appreciate any insights or updates regarding this issue, as we believe your expertise can significantly contribute to solving the problem. Together, let’s make Viewfinder an ad-free gaming haven where our focus remains undisturbed throughout the exciting adventures we embark on. Looking forward to your valuable input, fellow Viewfinders! Best regards, [Your Name]

Fix Viewfinder In-Game Ads

Fix Viewfinder In-Game Ads


In-Game Ads?

Um, so this is a really really weird question…but does this game have ads in it?
I loaded it up this morning and had about seconds of black screen before I heard a Nintendo Switch ad.

I thought it was one of my internet tabs originally, till I tried tabbing over an noticed I didn’t have any other window open except for Windows Explorer.
It likely was Chrome or Firefox running in the background still for some reason, but I thought I’d ask in case anyone had anything weird like this.

Date Posted:
22 Jul @ 6:39am


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