Title: Viewfinder Ending Bug Report: Needed Game Restart :: Viewfinder General Discussions :: Seeking Solution for End Game Fix :: Description: Dear fellow Viewfinder players, I wanted to report a critical bug that I encountered while playing Viewfinder. It appears to be related to the game’s ending, which forced me to restart the game entirely to progress. The issue occurred during the final moments of the game, when I was eagerly anticipating the conclusion of the intriguing storyline. However, as I reached the climax, an unforeseen bug disrupted the game’s progression. Regrettably, I was unable to proceed any further, leaving me frustrated and disappointed. The bug not only halted the story’s resolution but also made it impossible to continue playing. After attempting various troubleshooting measures, including restarting the game and reloading previous save points, I found no alleviation for the problem. It became evident that a comprehensive fix is needed for this particular issue in Viewfinder’s ending. As Viewfinder enthusiasts, I implore the game developers and community to come together to address this bug. Enhancing our collective experience by resolving this issue will undoubtedly enrich the enjoyment of the game for everyone. I believe that this is a valuable opportunity to foster engagement and strengthen the dedication within the Viewfinder community. Let us unite to improve and create a fix for the unidentified issue plaguing Viewfinder’s ending. Together, we can ensure a seamless and fulfilling gaming experience for all players. Thank you for your attention, and I eagerly await updates regarding the resolution of this significant bug.

Fix Viewfinder Ending Bug Report (Needed Game Restart)

Fix Viewfinder Ending Bug Report (Needed Game Restart)

Viewfinder is a new single player game offering gamers hours of interesting and fun experiences while uncovering
the mysteries left behind. In this game, players embark on a thrilling adventure filled with puzzles and challenges
to progress through the levels and discover the secrets hidden within.

The Bug Report

I wanted to report a bug, possibly two separate bugs, in the final level of the game. I will try to describe it

Upon entering the cage, I somehow managed to end up partially clipped into the floor. I was still able to reach
the level, so I clicked on it. However, I ended up falling through the floor, resulting in a black screen with a
white dot in the middle. Unfortunately, I couldn’t hear Cait’s penultimate dialogue at this point, although I
could still read it through the subtitles. Realizing something had gone wrong, I couldn’t enter the final
teleporter, and eventually figured out that I needed to restart the level using the Esc menu.

Upon reaching that point again, the floor clipping issue did not reoccur. However, upon interacting with the
final teleporter, the game locked up. Cait’s final lines did not play, and the camera did not pan up to them. I
tried restarting the level through the Esc menu, but nothing worked. The only solution was to force close and
reopen the game. I suspect this latter bug may be its own bug related to restarting the final level using the Esc
menu within the final room.

Possible Solutions

It is clear that the ending of the game has a bug which requires a complete game restart to resolve. This
inconvenience can cause frustration for players who have invested time and effort into completing the game.
Resolving this bug is essential to ensure a smooth and enjoyable gaming experience for all players.

  1. Fix Partial Floor Clipping

    The first bug, where the player ends up partially clipped into the floor upon entering the cage, should
    be addressed. This issue could potentially be resolved by adjusting the collision detection in that
    specific area or by implementing a check to ensure the player’s position is correctly aligned with the

  2. Unlock Interaction with Final Teleporter

    The second bug, where the game locks up upon interacting with the final teleporter, should also be
    fixed. This issue prevents players from progressing further and completing the game. Developers should
    investigate the trigger for this bug and ensure that all required assets and animations are properly
    loaded and executed when interacting with the final teleporter.

  3. Esc Menu Restart Fix

    Furthermore, it is important to address the issue with restarting the final level through the Esc menu.
    Currently, this option does not work properly, and players are left with no other choice than to force
    close and reopen the game. Developers should examine the code responsible for level restart and ensure it
    functions correctly in all situations.


Viewfinder is an exciting game that offers players a unique and immersive experience. However, the presence of
ending-related bugs hinders players from fully enjoying the game’s conclusion. By fixing the floor clipping
issue, unlocking interaction with the final teleporter, and addressing the Esc menu restart problem, developers
can enhance the overall game experience and provide a satisfying ending for players.

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