Viewfinder Options for Motion Sickness: Seeking a Like-for-Like Fix

Fix Viewfinder Options for Motion Sickness

Fix Viewfinder Options for Motion Sickness


Viewfinder is a new single-player game on Steam that offers gamers hours of interesting and fun experiences while uncovering the mysteries left behind. However, some players may experience motion sickness while playing first-person perspective games like Viewfinder. This article will explore different options within the game that can help alleviate motion sickness and allow players to fully enjoy the game.

Increasing the Field of View

One of the commonly recommended options to prevent motion sickness in first-person perspective games is to increase the field of view (FOV). By widening the field of view, players can have a broader visual perspective, reducing the feeling of tunnel vision and motion sickness. However, even with an increased FOV, some players may still experience discomfort. In this case, Viewfinder offers additional options to address motion sickness.

Customizable Camera Settings

Viewfinder provides customizable camera settings that allow players to tailor the game’s visuals to their preferences and comfort level. These settings include:

  • Sensitivity: Adjusting the camera sensitivity can help reduce the feeling of disorientation and motion sickness. Players can lower the sensitivity to achieve smoother camera movements.
  • Camera Shake: Disabling or reducing camera shake can also help alleviate motion sickness. Camera shake effects can be jarring and contribute to a sense of discomfort. By adjusting or disabling this setting, players can have a more stable visual experience.
  • Motion Blur: Motion blur is a visual effect that simulates the blurring of fast motion. While it can add realism to the game, it can also contribute to motion sickness. Viewfinder allows players to adjust the intensity of motion blur or even disable it completely.
  • Head Bobbing: Head bobbing refers to the movement of the player’s viewpoint as they walk or run in the game. Some players find head bobbing to be a major trigger for motion sickness. Viewfinder provides an option to adjust the intensity of head bobbing or disable it entirely.

Alternate Camera Modes

In addition to customizable camera settings, Viewfinder offers alternate camera modes that can help reduce motion sickness:

  • Third-Person Camera: Viewfinder allows players to switch to a third-person perspective, where the camera is positioned behind the character. This mode provides a wider field of view and a more stable visual experience, which can be helpful for players prone to motion sickness. However, it’s important to note that the third-person camera may not be available in all parts of the game, as certain sections or gameplay mechanics may require the first-person perspective.
  • Static Camera: Some games offer a fixed camera perspective, where the camera remains stationary in a specific location. While this may limit the player’s freedom of movement, it can greatly reduce motion sickness. Viewfinder provides certain sections or puzzles with static cameras, allowing players to take a break from the first-person perspective and alleviate motion sickness.

Taking Breaks and Managing Gameplay Time

While adjusting camera settings and using alternate camera modes can help alleviate motion sickness, it’s also important for players to be mindful of their gameplay time and take regular breaks. Prolonged exposure to first-person perspective games can increase the likelihood of experiencing motion sickness. Players can follow these tips to manage their gameplay time:

  • Take Breaks: After playing for a while, it’s recommended to take short breaks and give your eyes and brain a rest. Step away from the game, stretch, and focus on something in the distance to reset your visual senses.
  • Limit Gameplay Time: If motion sickness persists despite adjusting settings, consider limiting your gameplay sessions to shorter durations. Gradually increase the gameplay time as your tolerance improves over time.
  • Use Anti-Nausea Medication: In severe cases, players can consult with their healthcare provider for motion sickness medication, which can help alleviate symptoms during gaming sessions.


Viewfinder offers various options to help players manage and alleviate motion sickness. By adjusting camera settings, utilizing alternate camera modes, and taking regular breaks, players can enjoy the game without the discomfort of motion sickness. It’s important to remember that each player’s experience may vary, and finding the right combination of settings and strategies may require some experimentation. With these options, players can fully immerse themselves in the world of Viewfinder while minimizing the risk of motion sickness.

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