Viewfinder Subtitle Size: Stuck on the “Wishlist now” Screen – Seeking a Like-for-Like Fix!

Fix Viewfinder Subtitle Size & Stuck on the “Wishlist now” screen


Viewfinder is a new single-player game that offers gamers hours of interesting and fun experiences while uncovering the mysteries left behind. However, in the recent discussions on the Viewfinder General Discussions forum on Steam, some players have raised concerns regarding two specific issues. This article addresses these concerns and provides potential solutions.

Issue 1: Fixing Subtitle Size Control

One of the players mentioned that they would prefer to have more control over the subtitle size in Viewfinder. They specifically mentioned their preference for “eeny teeny” subtitles and expressed the desire to be able to scale them down further to suit their personal preferences.

Potential Solution

Implementing a subtitle size control feature would enhance the overall gameplay experience for players who have different visual preferences. By providing a range of options for subtitle size customization, players can adjust the subtitles according to their needs, ensuring a comfortable viewing experience throughout the game. This feature can be integrated into the game’s settings menu, allowing players to make changes at any time during gameplay.

Issue 2: Stuck on the “Wishlist now” Screen

Another issue raised by a player involved getting stuck on the final screen after completing the demo. They mentioned that they were able to hit the enter key to wishlist the game, but Steam got stuck and failed to load the store page. Additionally, when they attempted to go back to the “demo over” screen, they were unable to close out of the game or select the close option.

Potential Solution

To address this issue, the game developers should investigate the cause of the problem and work on fixing the bug that prevents players from accessing the store page after wishlisting the game. Additionally, the inability to close the game or select the close option on the “demo over” screen is an inconvenience that needs to be resolved. By rectifying these technical issues, players will have a smoother transition from the demo to exploring further content or exiting the game.


Viewfinder is an exciting game that has captivated players with its intriguing storyline and gameplay. However, it is essential for game developers to actively listen to player feedback and address the concerns raised by the gaming community. By implementing a subtitle size control feature and fixing the issues related to the “wishlist now” screen, the developers can improve the overall user experience and ensure that players have a seamless and enjoyable gaming experience.

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