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Fix Viewfinder – This game very badly needs motion sickness options.



Fix Viewfinder – This game very badly needs motion sickness options.

The game seems really cool, but all my attempts at playing have ended in bad nausea and headaches for longer periods of time. I’d need there to be a slight “stepping” motion of the camera, so that it doesn’t feel like I’m just floating over everything.

Crosshair Options

There should be crosshair options that offer more than just a really thick and inflated + in the middle of the screen (which just feels like a cruel joke at my expense).

Static Elements

Ideally, I’d have the option to put more static elements to the borders and corners of my screen. Either some kind of UI or some kind of “hand” like the photos you can hold in the corner, however they are small and just not enough.

Camera Movement with Gondola

Riding the gondola should turn the player’s camera together with the turns of the gondola, ie when it turns upwards, my camera should turn by the same angle.

I hope at least some of these, or similar fixes will get made. Otherwise I will not be able to enjoy this game very much, which would be a shame, because it really does look like a lot of good ideas, both story- and gameplay-wise are still waiting for me.

Date Posted: 20 Jul @ 2:37am

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